Dash Mini Rice Cooker Instructions - how to use?

Dash Mini Rice Cooker Instructions – How to use?

Dash Mini rice cooker is my all time favorite Rice Maker that never disappoints me. I use it to cook my delicious and tasty meals everyday.

Dash Rice cooker is the best mini rice cooker because of its versatility, simple rice cooking process, keep warm function, essay to clean, elegant design and it can also cook upto 1000 recipes. In short, It’s more than a rice cooker and the best cookware for the office, apartment and even the perfect addition to your Kitchen. It has a capacity to cook for 2 people at a time.

Don’t know how to use the Dash 2 cup mini rice cooker? In a professional way! Let me assist you in the right direction.

How to cook rice in Dash Mini Rice cooker?

Cooking Rice in a Dash Mini rice cooker is more than fun. One really enjoys cooking his meal in the morning or evening while following these directions.

Let’s start from the beginning!

Wash before cooking Rice

Before Cooking rice for the first time in a Dash Mini rice cooker, You must wash it so that no chemicals or dust remain on it.

Rinse the Rice

It is best practice to rinse the rice in water until the water is clear to get healthy cooked rice.

Water Ratio

Water to rice ratio depends upon the quality of rice but experts suggest 1 cup1½ water for 1 cup of white rice or 1½ cups of water for 1 cup of Brown rice,

Placing Rice in the Cooker

After rinsing the rice under water it is good to soak rice for 5-10 mins. Add appropriate water in the inner body and place rice in it.

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Close the Lid and let it cook by plugging the unit.

Dash rice cooker time

Dash mini rice cooking time is very short because it is fast in working. It merely takes less than 20 mins to make perfectly cooked rice for a meal.

Serve the Rice in wooden or nonmetal utensils to your loved ones.

Clean Up and Maintenance

Let the Dash mini rice cooker cool down after cooking rice. Due to its nonstick inner pot the cleaning is very easy.

It is recommended to soak the pot in warm water for 10-15 mins to clean it without any effort but be sure to unplug the unit before cleaning.

Safety Measures

  • Unplug the unit when not in use.
  • Keep the appliance on a dry surface
  • Use heat resistant gloves when removing the lid
  • Do not dump the rice cooker in water, Only clean removable parts of the rice cooker.
  • Do not leave a scoop or mixing paddles in the rice cooker while cooking rice.
  • Do not place the unit near the gas burner or oven.
  • Add water into the Dash mini rice cooker upto the indicated line in the inner pot.
  • Do not use any chemicals/detergents to clean Dash mini rice cookers as it may damage the surface of the unit.

Bottom Line

Dash Mini Rice cooker is the best choice for a single person to cook tasty food in less time without any desperate efforts and even an average experienced person can cook his meal while using it. According to my experience, It is the best and long lasting kitchenware in the market until you follow the dash rice cooker instructions while cooking the rice.

I hope after reading these instructions for the dash mini rice cooker, you should be able to cook great tasting rice.

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