How to cook brown rice in a Rice Cooker? best guide

How to cook brown rice in a rice cooker? 7 easy steps guide

Today’s article provides information about brown rice and how to cook brown rice in a Rice Cooker.

There is a different recipe for everything being cooked in a rice cooker depending on the thing that is being cooked. Brown rice is different from normal so this article will help you specifically in cooking brown rice in a rice cooker.

A pressure cooker usually cooks everything faster because of the pressure it holds inside. It usually does not take more than an hour for things to be cooked inside rice cooker stainless steel inner pot. A rice cooker usually takes 30-40 minutes to cook rice which also works for brown rice.

How to cook brown rice in a rice cooker

How to cook brown rice in a Rice Cooker_ 7 easy steps guide

In a rice cooker, the trick to cooking brown rice perfectly is to get the right ratio of rice to water so that your rice comes out fluffy, soft, and delicious. Latest rice cookers are great for cooking dishes quickly, either for a single meal or for a whole week but it can be difficult to find out how to use the time-saving gadget, particularly when you use various types of rice.

However, for any sort, you simply need to portion your servings, add a little water, and then let the rest be done by the rice cooker. If you’ve done anything right, the rice will always be fine.

Listed below are the ingredients needed for cooking brown rice:

  • 2 cups of brown rice (rinsed)
  • 3 cups of water
  • Pinch of salt (optional)

First, the rice is rinsed in water and then later on added into the cooker.

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Step 1

Measure out the amount of rice that you want to produce. It’s usually best to break your rice into whole cups. It will make it much easier to find out just how much water you need to generate perfectly cooked rice by working with even quantities. It will help you prevent any troublesome guesswork by using a dry measuring cup to scoop your rice.

Step 2

Under cool spray, rinse the rice. In a mesh strainer or sieve, put the brown rice and run it under the faucet, circling the strainer underneath the water. This will rinse much of the starch away, which when cooked will prevent the grains from being sticky.

When the water runs clear, continue washing the rice. You can remember that there is a slightly milky appearance of the water draining out of the rice. It’s usually here. Before cooking the rice, shake out as much excess water as you can.

Step 3

Add the rice into the rice cooker. Place the freshly washed rice and spread it out on the bottom of the cooker. Make sure it’s adequately distributed when cooking a lot of rice at once so that it can cook evenly. To the rice cooker, do not add more rice than it can accommodate at one time. Do it in batches if you need to prepare a particularly large quantity.

Step 4

Attach the right water quantity. When making brown rice, a good rule of thumb is to raise the recommended amount of water by 50 percent. Therefore, though for every cup of rice you will usually use one cup of water, you’ll want to use one-and-a-half cups to account for the texture difference.

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It needs to cook longer because brown rice is tougher than white rice. Brown rice grains also have a natural fibrous bran layer, in comparison to white rice.

As a consequence, they do not absorb water as quickly and take longer to cook to the optimum temperature. The amount of water that you add to the rice is directly associated with the total cooking time. The internal temperature of the rice cooker will increase when all the water has evaporated, signaling it to shut off.

Step 5

Switch the rice cooker on. Make sure you plug the cooker in and get ready to go. Then, press the button for “cook” and call it a day. The rest will be taken care of by the cooker automatically.

Step 6

For 10-15 minutes, let the rice rest. Offer it a little time to achieve the right consistency until the rice is finished. Holding off for a few more minutes to uncover the rice will allow it to absorb any remaining steam and start cooling off to an edible temperature.

As the rice lies, leave the lid on the cooker. Undercooked brown rice can also be unappetizing and crunchy.

Step 7

Until serving, fluff the rice. Stir the rice with a wooden spoon or rubber spatula from the edges towards the inside and your brown rice is ready to be served.