How to cook rice in Aroma Rice Cooker

How to use an Aroma rice cooker?

Cooking rice can be tricky because if you leave it unattended you might end up getting sticky, overcooked, or even burnt rice. It is quite hard to get consistent results when you cook in a pot. This is why we have brought to you the best rice cooker ( Aroma rice cooker) which not only provides consistent results but also makes it truly effortless to make perfectly cooked rice.

Rice is used in many side dishes and a lot of main courses as well and this is why it is essential that you end up getting rice that is cooked with flawlessness and it can be made possible by using the aroma rice cooker.

Different Sizes Aroma Rice Cookers

Aroma manufactures rice cookers in different sizes which can be used for cooking rice and more. Typically rice cooker as the name proposes is explicitly made for cooking rice which hands down the least demanding approach to cook rice yet additionally gives consistent outcomes and you can have our assertion on this.

You can cook rice in mass or even in more modest parts, this kitchen appliance gets you perfectly cooked rice. For the individuals who are unaware, a rice cooker is a kitchen appliance that is accurately used to boil or steam rice. The fundamental segments of the rice cooker are a cooking bowl, a heating source, and a thermostat.

You will need certain things before starting the process of cooking rice in an aroma rice cooker. This incorporates the rice cooker, manual of the rice cooker, a measuring cup, and rice of your preference, a sifter, and water for cooking the rice.

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You can cook your rice similarly well in a pot although a rice cooker makes the entire cycle a lot simpler. You can add seasoning of your decision to the rice like oregano, salt, pepper, garlic, or some other flavoring of your decision.

How to use an aroma rice cooker

Cook delicious Rice in Aroma Rice Cooker

After you have accumulated all the necessary things, we should move to the fundamental inquiry of how to use an aroma rice cooker. Following is the guide exhibiting how to use an aroma rice cooker.

Utilizing Aroma Rice measurement cup

The initial step is to quantify the rice utilizing a measurement cup. Carefully quantify the rice and be explicit to the manual of the rice cooker. By standard, 1 cup of uncooked rice yields 2-3 cups of cooked rice.

Rinse the Rice

Secondly, you need to add the measured amount of rice to a sifter or bowl and rinse the rice altogether.

It will eliminate all the overabundance of the starch present that could make your rice tacky and sticky. It will likewise take out all the contaminants or impurities of the rice. You need to wash it until the water doesn’t get any shadings and is away from any soil or particles.

This is a discretionary step however on the off chance that you need a surprisingly better outcome you may absorb the rice water for about 30 minutes. This will result in even and much better-cooked rice and will likewise adjust the cooking time.

Quantify the water

Next, you need to quantify the water as per the kind of rice. For this progression, you will again have to counsel your manual since it will give you definite amounts for one or the other kind of rice. Brown colored rice requires more water in contrast with white rice and longer grains require more water than shorter grains.

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If you have overcooked your rice you can generally pan sear them with chicken or veggies and eat them. After emptying all the water of the soaked rice, placed the rice in the bowl followed by adding the measured water according to the manual’s guidance. Estimations play an imperative part in the rice cooked. Now place the bowl of rice and water in your smart rice cooker.

Turn on Aroma Rice Cooker

Tightly close the lid of the cooker and turn the unit on. On the off chance that there are numerous cooking modes, pick the one you want to cook and make certain to adhere to the directions of the manual for the choice you have picked.

It is firmly prescribed not to open the rice cooker while the rice is being cooked. This is because the successive opening of the cover will forestall the retention of steam which is important and will prolong the cooking time.

Add Flavors (Optional)

For flavored rice, you may check and give a quick mix when the cooking sound changes to keep the rice from burning. As all the water evaporates the cooker makes a beeping sound indicating that the rice has cooked.

Final words

These are some basic steps that you need to follow to cook rice perfectly in the aroma rice cooker. You can also use an aroma rice cooker to cook soup and stews or for steaming or sautéing the vegetables. We hope now you know how to use an aroma rice cooker and are now ready to use it for making delicious foods.

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