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How to cook Basmati Rice in rice cooker?

Looking for some mouthwatering rice dishes? Or busy enough to not be able to have homemade meals for yourself at home? Whatever your reason might be, it is always a delight to have a handmade meal that you have just perfectly cooked. But what can one do in such a busy lifestyle to enjoy that bliss of homemade food?

Basmati rice is the most commonly known rice type that is a favorite meal of the majority of people all across the world. Rice is a must part of the diet portion of people all around the globe. But this excessive use doesn’t restrict the simplicity of the rice to be easily cooked in no time.

You can have your favorite rice dishes prepared in just a few moments deeding upon the complexity of the ingredients involved. Basmati rice is the perfect partner for biryani and biryani is the most loved food item for the South Asian Countries.

Apart from that you can numerous side dishes starting from as simple as white rice that is typically boiled with some added flavors like the salt of saffron to as complex as stuffed rice inside some chicken or beef item.

But the question remains how can one cook perfectly cooked rice using a simple rice cooker and for resolving this query one must be first accustomed to the health benefits of eating rice as your meal.

Health Benefits of Basmati Rice

Before digging deep into the stepwise guide of how to cook white rice in a rice cooker, you must be familiar with the health benefits of white rice and after going through this review you will be in a much better position to make up your mind about having rice as your side dish or main dish.

  • Rice or especially basmati rice are having low-fat content and therefore, will help you in losing weight or prevent you from gaining extra weight.
  • Rice is best for people suffering from heart diseases since the cholesterol level in the Basmati rice is very negligible and eating it wouldn’t add any content to your cholesterol level.
  • For hypertension patients, rice is a life-saving food since it has low sodium value and will not lead them to have high blood pressure like all other food where the odium level is far above their supposed sodium intake.
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How to cook basmati rice in rice cooker

How To Cook Basmati Rice In Rice Cooker?

As you are now familiar with the health concerns of eating basmati rice, you should now move forward towards a review on how to cook basmati rice in a rice cooker.

Cooking basmati rice is a very simple task and using the rice cooker gives it an additional wing making the flight more and more comfortable and soothing. All you have to do is to put the water and rice inside your cooker and turn it on. To have a stepwise guide on how to cook basmati rice in a rice cooker follow through with the following five-step process.

Step 1: Rinsing Rice

The first step in cooking the rice in the rice cooker is by rinsing the rice and this step is done to remove the impurities out of the rice that may be in the shape of some additives in the rice manually added to prevent the attack of microbes.

Boric acid is commonly added to rice bags to increasing the shelf life and it is necessary to rinse the rice for removing these additives.

Step 2: Add Water

After rinsing the rice, it is time to put it inside the rice cooker and add some water into it. Be sure to maintain the rice to water ratio of 1:1. This means you have to add one cup of water to a cup of rice to have the perfect consistency.

Step 3: Soaking the rice inside the cooker

Let the rice remain soaked in water that you have added in step 2 and keep the lid covered without turning the cooker or stove on. Keep the rice soaked for about 10 to 15 minutes until the rice has absorbed some water and is ready to be cooked.

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Step 4: Adding Flavors (Optional)

Adding flavors to rice is an optional step and you can either skip it altogether or add some flavors of your taste like salt, clove, cinnamon, saffron, or any other additive that you want to have flavor off.

Step 5: Switch the Cooker on

After adding flavors or skipping the step you just have to turn the stove on and let it cook the food for about 15 minutes after which turn it off and let the rice rest for a further ten minutes to ward off the steam and heat.

Serve with some delicious side dishes to have a perfect meal.