Toshiba TRCS01 Rice Cooker Review

Toshiba rice cooker (TRCS01) review 2021: All in one ooker

For all those people who are self-reliant and are fed up with eating take-outs and packed food items, it is time for you to upgrade your cooking skills and have a blast at our home by having home-cooked meals. Well, it is not an easy task to have home-cooked meals particularly when you are busy with our tiring work schedule and are a layman in cooking.

Electric cookers are like the magic porridge pot of the fairyland which will provide you with endless porridge. Moreover, mini rice cookers will provide you with endless rice and other foodstuffs that you feed into it.

Toshiba Cooker The best rice cooker
  • 3L uncooked capacity
  • One-touch cooking
  • Versatile product
  • Instant electric operation
  • Delay timer
  • Keep warm
  • Few next generation functions


TRCS01 Toshiba rice cooker is coming under the auspices of Toshiba manufacturing firm which was first introduced in 1955. Toshiba brand has over 65 years of prestige and repute in the market for producing quality pressure cookers.

This firm launched it’s first electric rice cooker in 1955 and broke the stereotype which was restricting the cooker for only conventional uses.

We have compiled this extensive review and here you can find out the technical specifications and a profound view of the features of the Toshiba mini cooker.


TRCS01 cooker is a mid-range product that is tailored for small to average families that have a maximum of 2 to 6 members. This mid-range product is suitable for its price and performance combo which makes it suitable for average and ordinary users who don’t have enough spare fortune to splash over buying high-end products.

The uncooked capacity of Toshiba cooker is 3 liters that are about 6 uncooked rice cups and this cooking space is made doubled after cooking. In this way, the cooked capacity of the Toshiba TRCS01 cooker is 12 cups.


The Toshiba rice cooker is a highly versatile option in the kitchenware category and this is showed by the great numbers of pre-programmed features that this pressure cooker offers.

Toshiba cooker is capable of cooking soups, stews, brown and white rice. This versatile cooker is adapted to different menus and will provide you with distinct and tasty rice recipes.

What can you cook in Toshiba rice cooker?

The cooker is not just for cooking rice as it has 7 pre-programmed functions that have seven modes for cooking seven distinct food items. Among these seven modes are:

Thus, you can cook a variety of rice dishes and porridge using this electric cooker and save your time and effort.

Japanese style cooker

Toshiba rice cooker is adapted to cooking various Japanese dishes including rice. It has a reputed and distinguished cooking process. Cooking process proceeds in a systematic manner of six steps and provides fluffy and scrumptious rice dishes at the end.

Steam vent

The biggest downfall of most rice cookers is the overflowing water that is vented out of cooker using the various means throughout the lid channels. This gives rise to a messy look which is not just unpleasant from the outlook but is also annoying for cleaning after cooking.

To overcome this mess outlook, Toshiba rice cooker is featuring a steam vent which will provide a channel for the exit of steam and accumulated gases. Therefore, no overflowing will be involved and users will be having a cleaner and unprecedented rice cooker.

Delay timer

Like all the standard rice cookers in the market, Toshiba TRCS01 is featuring a delay timer of 24 hours which makes it possible to schedule your meals and control the timing while at work or outside the house.


Toshiba TRCS01 rice cooker offers a quick-cooking option that cuts down the cooking time from hours to less tan 30 minutes and this is a great initiative for saving the time of users who are in a hurry to rush back to their routines. This reliable, dependable, durable, and affordable product is well worth your time and money.