How to cook jasmine rice in a rice cooker

How to cook Jasmine rice in a rice cooker?

If you are not familiar, Jasmine rice is a variety of white and fragrant rice that is categorized by its long grain tendency. The reason why this rice is so fragrant stems from the kind of aromatic compounds that it contains. However,to ensure that you truly get the proper aroma and beautiful taste out, the rice must be cooked to perfection.

While many users might feel like there are better ways to cook rice, in reality, there is no one perfect method. The perfect bowl of hot and delicious rice can be made in several ways and today we are going to list down the main steps you would need to follow to cook jasmine rice in aroma rice cooker.

What is a rice cooker used for?

For those users who have not ever used a electric rice maker or steamer before, this is a handy kitchen appliance that is powered by electricity to adequately boil or steam your rice. The rice is placed within a cooking bowl inside where you add in a little water and let it boil or steam. You will also get the perfect concoction each time thanks to the presence of a thermostat.

The thermostat is there to let the user know what temperature the rice is being cooked at and it can also be used to control the temperature.

How to cook jasmine rice in a rice cooker?

Now, let’s move onto the 7 main steps along with tips and tricks that you should follow for the delicious jasmine rice recipe.

How to cook jasmine rice in a rice cooker

Rinse the Rice

The first step is to thoroughly wash the rice off. Since the rice may be dirty or have other granules in it, it is important to rinse it off properly. Another important thing to remember is that if not rinsed a few times till you feel like the water is clear, you will be left with sticky rice.

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Do not soak the rice

With most other kinds of rice, the tendency is always to let it soak for a certain amount of time so that it softens up a bit. However, with jasmine rice, do the exact opposite! Before cooking, you cannot ever soak this type of rice. This is because the rice tended to soak up and absorb an unnecessary amount of water. So when you have rinsed the rice make sure you drain it properly.

If you are unsure of the correct method to achieve this, make use of a large stainless steel strainer and this will allow you to strain out the water properly. If you do not commit to a proper method to ensure the rice is as dry as possible, when you cook it, it will come out being way too mushy and not as individual grains of rice. This shows the poor technique of cooking as well.

Place the rice in the cooker

The next step is to prep the cooker and places the rice in the main cooking pot within. Next, add in the correct ratio of water to rice. Since there is no direct heat in the cooking process, be sure to add in an equal amount of water as it won’t be lost during cooking.

To get this completely right make sure to use measuring cups of some form so that you get exactly equal parts each time. This can be made possible by using the same cup for both measurements so you are precise.

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Set the cooking settings

Now that you are sure that you have the right amount of both water and rice, the next step is to
select the settings at which you want the rice to be cooked. The best one for jasmine rice is mostly “white rice” and the cooker should not take more than 20 minutes to cook white rice.

Wait for a while

This is an age-old trick to ensure that you get perfect rice which is not soggy in anyway. It also is a great way to ensure that your rice can be kept warmer for longer if you wish to store it. This can be achieved by simply waiting around 5 to 10 minutes without opening the lid after the rice is cooked. This is a vital step and it ensures that once you open the cooker, the rice inside will be a perfect consistency and won’t get mushy at all.