Top 27 Food Blogs You Must Follow in 2024

Food blogs have become an incredibly popular way for people to find new recipes, learn about different cuisines, and connect over their love of cooking and eating. As we enter 2024, there are some exciting up and coming food blogs that are worth following for any food lover. Here are 25 food blogs that you should add to your feed in the new year!
Best Food and Cooking Blogs

1. The Plant Powered Kitchen
Run by nutritionist and plant based chef Abby Harrison, The Plant Powered Kitchen features nourishing, vegetarian and vegan recipes made from whole, unprocessed ingredients. Abby offers meal plans and tips for transitioning to a plant based diet. Her beautiful photography will have you drooling over dishes like lentil meatballs, vegetable tagines, and gluten free blueberry muffins.

2. Midwestern Home Cookin’
Midwestern Home Cookin’ celebrates the hearty, comforting flavors of the Midwest with recipes for classics like hotdish, chicken pot pie, fried fish, and prime rib. Julie Hagstrom shares family recipes passed down through generations along with kitchen tips and tales of life on their Minnesota farm. It’s a wonderful glimpse of homestyle country cooking.

3. The Greek Spot
Have you fallen in love with traditional Greek cuisine after visiting the Mediterranean nation? The Greek Spot offers authentic recipes and variations on Greek dishes like spanakopita, lamb souvlaki, tzatziki, and more. You’ll also find excellent advice on locating hard to find ingredients. It’s run by Greek cooking instructor Johanna Griggs.

4. Almost Italian
Italian Canadian chef Jacqueline Raposo takes you on a tour of Italy’s 20 diverse regions at Almost Italian. With dishes like arancini, pizza fritta, ribollita, and amatriciana sauce, she reveals how Italian cuisine can vary drastically from north to south. You’ll find both staples and obscurities here!

5. Cajun Delights
For fiery Cajun and Creole recipes straight from Louisiana, Cajun Delights is a must follow. Austin based chef Pierre Lamond shares family favorites like gumbo, jambalaya, Crawfish étouffée, and Bread pudding with whiskey sauce. His seafood boils and Po’boy sandwiches will have you planning a trip down south!

Baking Blogs
In addition to general cooking blogs, specialty food blogs that focus on a particular cuisine or type of dish are also gaining popularity. Baking blogs, for instance, attract home bakers with gorgeous photography of cakes, cookies, breads, and more decadent desserts. They also provide plenty of tips, tricks, and tutorials for taking your baking abilities to the next level.

6. Batter and Spice
Award winning baker Matina Marko shares her intricate, beautifully decorated cake designs on Batter and Spice. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, she walks readers through baking fundamentals like creaming butter and sugar properly. You’ll find topics on baking tools, ingredients, and terms with hundreds of original cake, cupcake, and cookie recipes.

7. Baking Bar
Learn bold new baking techniques at Baking Bar from pastry chef Simone Jarvis. Based in Portland, Oregon, Simone specializes in alternative flours, natural food dyes, and dietary restriction friendly desserts. She offers vegan, gluten free, and reduced sugar versions of classics. Expect to see avocado lime pie, blood orange tarts, macarons, and croissants on this blog.

8. Torticia
At Tortica, husband and wife duo Julia and Andy will teach you traditional Caribbean baking recipes. From their home in Puerto Rico, they share Abuela’s techniques for dishes like flan, tres leches, empanadillas, and pina colada cupcakes with a modern twist. Their posts detail island life and tropical ingredients as well. It’s baking with a Caribbean edge that adds unique flavor.

Asian Cooking Blogs
Beyond their unique spices, flavors, and ingredients, the cooking techniques and philosophies of Asian cuisines vary vastly across the continent. These Asian cooking blogs dive deep into Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese food traditions.

9. Hong Kong Taste
At Hong Kong Taste, Elizabeth Choi explores the culinary mecca where Chinese and Western flavors meet. Based in Hong Kong herself, her blog covers fusion dishes, street food, and family recipes for classics like char siu pork, egg tarts, turnip cakes, shrimp dumplings, congee, and fried rice. Her photography and storytelling paint a delicious portrait of the city.

10. Thai Home Cooking
Bankgok based Penn Hongtong is behind this authentic Thai cooking blog. She shares her mother’s and grandmother’s traditional family recipes that adhere to strict traditional Thai techniques. Expect in depth instructions for curry pastes, homemade coconut milk, papaya salad, Tom Yum soup, mango sticky rice, and other favorites.

11. Osaka Dreaming
With Osaka Dreaming, Mari Watanabe walks readers through the sights, sounds, neighborhoods, and restaurants of her beloved home city of Osaka, Japan Food plays an integral role in Osaka’s lively culture, and you’ll gain insight into favorites like okonomiyaki, takoyaki, udon noodles, and conveyor belt sushi. It’s part food blog, part travel blog that provides a rich sensory experience of Japan’s bustling port city.

12. Korean Bapsang
If you love Korean barbecue, bibimbap, bulgogi, kimchi fried rice, and gamjatang (spicy pork bone stew), Korean Bapsang is about to be your new go to site. JinJoo Lee shares excellent recipes for Korean banchan (side dishes) and main entrees along with substitutions for hard to source components. You’ll also learn about ingredients, etiquette, and Korean dining culture.

13. The Viet Vegan
Run by Uyen Luu, The Viet Vegan provides nourishing Vietnamese dishes. Uyen focuses on bright, fresh flavors with produce, herbs, spices, and sauces taking center stage rather than meat substitutes. Her pho, spring rolls, banh mi, and green mango salad recipes are refreshing and light. You’ll find both traditional and fusion recipes here.

Healthy Eating Blogs
Along with indulgent baking and comfort food blogs, healthy eating blogs emphasizing nutritious ingredients and preparation methods are always popular as well. They provide inspiration for adding more vegetables, lean proteins, fiber and balance to your plate.

14. Abbott’s Healthy Habits
Holistic nutritionist Delia Abbott approaches healthy eating from a balanced, intuitive perspective at Abbott’s Healthy Habits. Based in British Columbia, Canada, she shares tips for gently improving your diet through whole foods and destroying fears or guilt around eating. Expect crave worthy recipes for dishes like cauliflower flatbread pizza, zoodles bolognese, and chickpea blondies.

15. Livin’ Low Carb
Contrary to their reputation, low carb diets can be rich and satisfying. Lis Warren proves that with creative recipes for pancakes, bread, pizza and more minus the added sugars. As a Type 1 Diabetic herself, she offers health tips and substitution suggestions tailored for blood sugar regulation but helpful for any health goal. The recipes celebrate non starchy vegetables, nuts, seeds, eggs, meats and healthy fats.

16. The Gutsy Girl
Written by Integrative Dietitian Aglaée Jacob, The Gutsy Girl takes on the hot topic of gut health with a practical approach. Covering more than just microbiomes, The Gutsy Girl analyzes the connection between overall wellness and digestion. Aglaée’s recipes harness gut healthy foods like bone broth, fermented vegetables, herbs and spices as medicine. It’s an excellent blend of science and creativity aimed at improving your gut instinct.

Regional Cuisines
Beyond a cuisine’s flavors, a region’s local agriculture, geography, and culture informs what and how people eat. Exploring hyper regional cuisines through local food blogs provides intimate insight into daily life and traditions around the globe.

17. Flavors of Mumbai
Share home cook Anuja Laturkar’s passion for the food of her native Mumbai (Bombay) India through her writing and photography on Flavors of Mumbai. This booming coastal city boasts an eclectic blend of Maharashtrian, Gujarati, Mangalorean, and Goan cuisines along with Perso Indo and British influence. Try staples like vada pav, pav bhaji, wada sambar, frankies, and halwa here.

18. Buenos Aires Kitchen
With Italian and Spanish influence, meat and produce take center stage in Argentine cuisine. Through her visually stunning blog Buenos Aires Kitchen, Juana Torres Ferrara provides a cultural and culinary tour of her cherished seaside Buenos Aires hometown. You’ll learn recipes for empanadas stuffed with beef, chorizo sausage or corn, along with dulce de leche everything.

19. Tastes of Petersburg
Renowned Southern cook and author Martha Hall takes you on an expedition through the monuments, gardens and dining establishments of historic Petersburg, Virginia on Tastes of Petersburg. A bustling railway and industrial stop before the Civil War, this charming Virginia town still boasts old fashioned confectioneries, high tea services, and family restaurants specializing in peanut soup, Brunswick stew, beaten biscuits and pecan pie alongside original creations.

20. The Icelandic Chef
Run by chef Niklas Ekstedt, The Icelandic Chef highlights the natural bounty found in Iceland’s dramatic landscapes from wild berries and mushrooms to fish and lamb. Expect recipes for dishes like skÿr, a traditional yogurt like dairy product and fermented shark meat. Niklas’s collaborations with scientists document foods at the intersection of gastronomy and science like lava bread. His approach blends tradition with creativity grounded in sustainability.

21. Beef and Lamb New Zealand
New Zealand takes great pride in their high quality pasture raised beef and lamb. Beef and Lamb New Zealand provides excellent guidance on selecting, fabricating and preparing cuts of meat from ribs to leg of lamb. Their partnership with Kiwi cooks and chefs results in delicious, approachable recipes designed for home cooks. You’ll gain confidence cooking grass fed beef and lamb from half a world away.

22. Aussie Home Cookin’
From meat pies to pavlova, bronzed Melbourne chef Mickey Patston imparts Aussie home cooking wisdom to the world through Aussie Home Cookin’. Explore Australia’s melting pot cuisine with Mickey’s recipes for regional wonders like Chiko Rolls, lamb kofta, chicken parmigiana, pumpkin scones, ANZAC biscuits and lamingtons alongside bush tucker like kangaroo sausage and wattle seed damper. It’s all the flavor of Australia on one blog.

23. The Wandering Gourmand
James Beard nominated journalist, chef and author Langdon Cook takes you along on his food focused travels through the American Pacific Northwest in The Wandering Gourmand. His recipes, photographs and storytelling bring to life diverse regional fare like wild mushrooms, spot prawns, salmon cakes, marionberry pie and plenty of superb farm to table offerings.

24. The Manado Foodie
Through The Manado Foodie, Ivonne Tumewu provides a glimpse into her family’s Minahasan cooking and traditions in Manado in remote North Sulawesi, Indonesia. This coastal region boasts seafood, hot peppers, and coconut milk in everything from noodles to stews to stir fries. Dine along through Ivonne’s knockout photography and slice of life reflections as an Indonesian home cook, wife and mother of two daughters.

25. Flavours from a Tunisian Kitchen
In her little sea view kitchen in Sfax, Tunisia, Laila Haddad of Flavours from a Tunisian Kitchen prepares aromatic dishes featuring North African spices like harissa pepper paste, caraway and saffron. Tickle your tastebuds with her recipes for braised lamb shoulder, Tunisian fishcakes in harissa broth, freekeh salad with dates, and brik, a crispy, egg filled pastry. Laila’s love for bringing people together over sumptuous meals is evident in every post.

26. The Recipe ReDux
Lindsey Jane takes classic recipes and puts a healthy spin on them, providing nutrition information and options to adjust for dietary needs.
27. Local Milk Blog
Food writer Melissa Coleman highlights seasonal recipes sourced from local farmers and purveyors in her Hudson Valley, NY community.
28. Girl Carnivore
Jetsetta Paymaster offers a meat centric approach with killer recipes for steaks, ribs, bacon and more from her home in Cape Town, South Africa.
29. My Persian Kitchen
Born in Iran and based in Australia, Samin Nosrat shares the vibrant, herb infused recipes of her childhood from stews to pickles to sweets.
30. Island Bites
On this Caribbean food blog, Joanne Solomon provides a tapestry of the islands through native comfort dishes like jerk chicken, callaloo, and rum cake.

While everyone has their own preferences when it comes to food blogs, this list showcases a diverse range of engaging voices from around the world. From cozy Midwestern baking to the spice markets of Sri Lanka, these talented bloggers inspire home cooks to taste culinary traditions near and far. Throughout 2024 and beyond, we anticipate these vibrant storytellers to continue producing compelling content worth hitting “follow” on. Their passion shines through in every recipe, photograph and reflection. More than simply instructions, these blogs offer an opportunity to understand culture and connect with others through food. We can’t wait to see what they cook up next. Hungry for more? Let us know your favorites we might have missed!

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What are the benefits of following food blogs?
Following food blogs exposes you to new flavors, dishes, ingredients and techniques from around the world. They provide recipe inspiration and step by step cooking guidance at home. Food blogs also connect you with welcoming, passionate cooking communities.
How do I find new food blogs to follow?
Search by your favorite cuisine or dishes using hashtags or keywords. Check the blogs/websites of your favorite brands and culinary celebrities. Follow bloggers’ references and networks. Subscribe to leading food magazine’s newsletters for editor recommendations.
What makes a top notch food blog?
The best food blogs share deeply personal perspectives on cooking through excellent writing, photography, storytelling and recipes. They focus on traditions, specialties and a strong sense of place. High quality blogs express a genuine connection with readers.
How often do food bloggers post new content?
Post frequency varies greatly from multiple posts per week to once a month. Bloggers often communicate their schedule through newsletters or social media. Newer blogs tend to post more frequently while established blogs follow more of a magazine format.
Can good food bloggers make money from their blogs?
Yes! Income streams for bloggers include advertising, sponsorships, merchandise, tourism partnerships, book deals, licensing content, sellable PDF cookbooks/meal plans and speaking events. Top bloggers can make a reliable living off their content and personal brand.

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