Anova Precision Cooker vs Pro

Anova Precision Cooker vs Pro – Which One is the Best!

Welcome to the world of sous vide cooking, where precision and perfection converge to elevate your culinary experience. When it comes to sous vide machines, Anova is a name that stands out for its exceptional quality and innovation. In this article, we will delve into the comparison of two of their most sought-after models – the Anova Precision Cooker and the Anova Precision Cooker Pro. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or an aspiring home cook, this guide will equip you with all the information you need to choose the perfect sous vide companion for your kitchen.

Anova Precision Cooker and Pro Qucik Comparison

FeaturesAnova Precision CookerAnova Precision Cooker Pro
Design and Build QualitySleek and compact design
Sturdy construction
Premium all-metal body
Larger and vibrant display
Performance and PowerPrecise temperature control from 32°F to 197°F (0°C to 92°C)Powerful 1200 watts heating element
Connectivity and TechnologyBluetooth connectivityWi-Fi connectivity
Noise LevelModerate noise levelQuieter operation
Water Circulation SystemExcellent water circulation systemEnhanced water flow and heat distribution
Cooking CapacitySuitable for most home cooksExpanded cooking capacity for culinary enthusiasts and chefs
Price PointBudget-friendlyHigher price point
User-Friendly InterfaceIntuitive and easy to useIntuitive and easy to use with the Anova app
Cleaning and MaintenanceEasily disassembled for cleaningStainless-steel construction for easy cleaning
Warranty and SupportStandard warranty coverageStandard warranty coverage and reliable customer support

Two best models for both the Anova Precision Cooker and the Anova Precision Cooker Pro:

  • Anova Precision Cooker (Standard Model)
  • Anova Precision Cooker Pro (Premium Model
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Anova Precision Cooker vs Pro – Exploring the Differences

Design and Build Quality

The Anova Precision Cooker boasts a sleek and compact design, making it ideal for kitchens with limited space. Its sturdy construction ensures durability and longevity. On the other hand, the Anova Precision Cooker Pro takes design to the next level with its premium, all-metal body, giving it a more robust and professional feel. The Pro version also features a larger and more vibrant display, providing an enhanced user experience.

Performance and Power

When it comes to performance, both models deliver exceptional results. The Anova Precision Cooker offers precise temperature control, ranging from 32°F to 197°F (0°C to 92°C), ensuring consistent and even cooking. The Pro model, however, takes it up a notch with its powerful 1200 watts heating element, allowing for faster heat-up times and greater cooking capacity.

Connectivity and Technology

With the increasing integration of technology in our lives, smart features have become a significant consideration. The standard Anova Precision Cooker offers Bluetooth connectivity, enabling you to control the device via the Anova app on your smartphone. Meanwhile, the Anova Precision Cooker Pro goes a step further with Wi-Fi connectivity, providing remote access and control, even when you’re away from home.

Noise Level

The noise level of kitchen appliances can be a crucial factor, especially if you prefer a quieter cooking environment. The original Anova Precision Cooker operates at a moderate noise level, which is common for sous vide machines. On the other hand, the Anova Precision Cooker Pro is engineered with quieter operation in mind, making it a preferred choice for those seeking a more peaceful cooking experience.

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Water Circulation System

In sous vide cooking, precise water circulation is vital to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the cooking process. Both models feature excellent water circulation systems, ensuring your food cooks evenly and to perfection. However, the Anova Precision Cooker Pro’s water circulation system is designed for even greater water flow and heat distribution, resulting in more accurate cooking results.

Cooking Capacity

The cooking capacity of a sous vide machine can be a critical factor, especially when cooking for a large gathering or preparing multiple dishes at once. The Anova Precision Cooker offers a respectable cooking capacity suitable for most home cooks. In contrast, the Anova Precision Cooker Pro boasts an expanded cooking capacity, making it the ideal choice for culinary enthusiasts and professional chefs.

Price Point

Price is a significant consideration for many when making a purchasing decision. The original Anova Precision Cooker is competitively priced, making it a budget-friendly option without compromising on performance. The Anova Precision Cooker Pro, with its premium features and build quality, does come at a higher price point, but it caters to those seeking top-tier performance and durability.

User-Friendly Interface

Both the Anova Precision Cooker and the Pro version are designed with user-friendliness in mind. The intuitive interfaces make it easy for beginners to get started with sous vide cooking. The Anova app provides step-by-step guidance and a wide range of recipes, making your cooking journey hassle-free and enjoyable.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Ease of cleaning is a crucial factor in any kitchen appliance. The Anova Precision Cooker can be easily disassembled, allowing for effortless cleaning and maintenance. Similarly, the Anova Precision Cooker Pro is designed for easy cleaning, with its stainless-steel construction and removable parts.

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Warranty and Customer Support

When investing in kitchen appliances, it’s reassuring to have reliable warranty coverage and excellent customer support. Both Anova Precision Cookers come with a warranty that protects against defects and malfunctions. Additionally, Anova’s customer support team is known for their responsiveness and helpfulness, ensuring a smooth ownership experience.

FAQs about Anova Precision Cooker and Pro

Can the Anova Precision Cooker Pro be used with smaller containers?

Yes, the Anova Precision Cooker Pro’s adjustable clamp allows it to fit various container sizes, including smaller pots and pans.

Is the Wi-Fi connectivity of the Pro model easy to set up?

Absolutely! The Anova app guides you through the setup process, making it simple to connect your Pro model to Wi-Fi.

Does the original Anova Precision Cooker offer a timer function?

Yes, the Anova app provides a convenient timer function, allowing you to set the desired cooking time for your recipes.

Can I use the Anova Precision Cooker for desserts and beverages?

Certainly! The precise temperature control of both models makes them perfect for creating delicious desserts and infused beverages.

Are the Anova Precision Cookers compatible with all cooking bags?

Yes, both models are compatible with standard sous vide cooking bags, ensuring your food remains sealed during the cooking process.

Which model is more suitable for professional chefs?

The Anova Precision Cooker Pro’s higher wattage, larger capacity, and all-metal construction make it an excellent choice for professional use.


The decision between the Anova Precision Cooker and the Anova Precision Cooker Pro ultimately depends on your cooking needs and preferences. If you’re looking for a reliable and budget-friendly option, the original Anova Precision Cooker will serve you well. However, if you seek the latest advancements in sous vide technology, enhanced performance, and a premium cooking experience, the Anova Precision Cooker Pro is the ideal choice.