COMFEE Rice Cooker Review

COMFEE’ Rice Cooker Review 2021 : 5.2 quart programmatic Cooker

Are you a foodie who is always in pursuit of some magic porridge pot to fulfill his appetite? Well, this is not a joke to look for magic porridge pot particularly when technological advancements are creating up havoc and doing wonders in the modern world.

These electric cookers have turned the whole cooking process from a rigorous chore to a fun and leisure time activity. This is because cooking is greatly simplified with this wonder pot and even laymen would be able to cook some simple dishes using this ease of use and user-friendly electric cooker.

So, if you are a busy body who has to spend most of their time earning a livelihood then you are desperately in need of a helping hand that can provide you some delicious and healthy home- cooked meals. This helping hand is none other than the electric cooker

multi-function mini Rice Cooker Steamer
  • Multifunctional
  • Ultra-large capacity
  • Delay timer
  • LED Display
  • Simple interface
  • Large power consumption


Some of the most notable features of this product are mentioned below


An amazing and pricey rice cooker that is coming with an efficient and powerful motor that is offering you a wattage of 650 watts. With this much power, this motor unit is capable of operating heavy-duty appliances and is making the operation of this versatile and multifunctional cooker much more powerful and reliable.

Power consumption

The advantage of this wattage and strength of the cooker is obviously, in terms of its quick and efficient cooking process but it does have some downfalls. The biggest demerit of this 650 watts powerful motor is that it will consume a large amount of electric power. This large power consumption will definitely, earn you some skyrocketed utility bills which will demand you to spend some extra bucks than the rivals with small motor power.


Coming towards its versatility and multifunctional base, COMFEE’ Cooker offers its users 12 distinct functions which are designed for varying menus and foodstuff that you plan to cook using this electric cooker.

Among the most common of these functions are the food menus like rice, pasta, soup, stew, veggies, steamed food, DIY food menu, and some other customized menus according to preference and taste of users.


The capacity of the cooker is another solid point of its appraise in the market. It is a large cooker that has either 10 or 20 cup capacity demanding upon the user need and price invested in its purchase.

This cooker is usually 20 cups (Cooked) and the capacity is made double after cooking. This means that this cooker offers 10 cups cooked capacity which is made twice after its cooking and become 20 cups.

The total capacity of the comfee cooker in quartz is 5.2 which is way too better than the 2 or 3 quartz capacity of the standard cookers in the market. It means that this cooker is the right choice for large gatherings and large families who are looking for some durable and trustworthy cookware for 12 or more persons.

Delay timer

COMFEE’ rice cooker has a unique feature of delay time which is not very frequently found in average cookers available in the market. This delay timer is set at a maximum duration of 24 hours which means that you cannot delay the cooking time beyond 24 hours duration.

This delay timer capacity allows the cooker to prepare your meal at the scheduled time even when you are not at home at that specific time. This means that you can put your lunch to be cooked at breakfast time and delay its operation by few hours to start cooking automatically at your scheduled time.

In this way, you can enjoy the lunch without spending extra time on its cooking and preparation.


The COMFEE’ 5.2 Quart Cooker is a very durable product that is having a large capacity of 20 cooked cup and is offering 12 distinct cooking menus for allowing users to have a feast at home each day. This cooker can be used by even laymen to have mouth-watering meals prepared by yourself and served at your dining table.