Best Zojirushi NS-WAC18-WD Rice Cooker Review

Best Zojirushi rice cooker (NS-WAC18-WD) review to buy in 2021

Zojirushi rice cooker magic porridge pot is not famous for its endless food supply but rather for its quick and delicious foodstuff that are served within no time and are perfectly cooked by a newbie in a nearly similar fashion as an expert in the cooking field.

Zojirushi NS-WAC18-WD is one of the best top rated rice cookers that is visually appealing to the eye due to its aesthetic beauty and is the perfect partner of your tummy due to its tasty and healthy side dishes.

This tasty and aesthetically satisfying rice cooker is not just about its good looks but is also renowned for its cooking efficiency and unparalleled skills.

It is not a very budget-friendly option but these few extra bucks will help you attain exceptional cooking skills with the time-saving routine and healthy nutrient-rich home-cooked meals without any special effort.

Why Zojirushi rice cooker?

Zoji rice cooker is coming in an all-inclusive package which makes it more user-friendly and famous among the users. So, if you are looking for a perfect rice cooker that is durable, reliable, dependable, and has a range of accessories to offer you without any additional cost then this Zojirushi NS-WAC18-WD rice cooker is the right and wise choice.

ZojirushiMicom Rice Cooker
  • Micom Rice cooker
  • 10 cups uncooked capacity
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Fuzzy logic technology
  • 8 pre-programmed functions
  • Detachable power cord
  • Expensive


Zoji rice cookers are world-famous products that are hardly competed by affordable kitchenware products in the market. If these products are compared with the cheap and inexpensive products with few entry-level features then these rice cookers will seem to be skyrocketed with price gaps of more than $100.

But if these rice cookers are relatively viewed with high-end products side by side with premium features then these Zoji rice cookers will be the cheap and affordable ones.

So, if you are looking for having the best bang for your bucks then give this Zojirushi NS-WAC18-WD rice cooker a must try and enjoy scrumptious and fluffy white and brown rice with a lot more.

Cooking Capacity

The cooking space of this rice cooker is about ten cups (cooked) and therefore it is suitable for medium to small-sized families who are looking for cooking meals for 4 to 6 members. This uncooked capacity of the rice cooker is about 3 quartz which is reasonable at this price tag.

Cooking menus

It has a menu setting displayed at the LED user interface on the front side of the cooker. Among the menus are the seven pre-programmed cooking menus which are distinct from each cooking recipe of rice. These cooking menus are

Rinse free mode apart from these seven menus, a quick-cooking mode is also available for instantly cooking the foodstuff added to it within few minutes.

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Design and operation

Zojirushi NS-WAC18-WD cooker is made up of a black thick layer of stainless steel from the inside while the exterior surface made up of stainless steel is whitish. There are three heaters attached with the rice cooker each one at the bottom, side, and lid. This provides it with triple heating technology and this keeps the food warm from all directions and evenly distributes the heat content throughout the foodstuff.

Storage and accessories

This rice cooker is featuring a rice spatula a detachable power cord, an instruction manual in different languages a recipe book spatula holder, and measuring cups. All of these accessories are required for the ideal operation of the rice cooker and thus this is an all-inclusive package that is very well worth each penny that you will invest over it and this is also one of the main differences between rice cooker and Crock Pot.

Besides this complete package, this rice cooker is also very easy to store in either a kitchen cabinet or over the countertop. This easy storage is all thanks to its detachable power cord, which can be removed after work, and cordless body that can be kept for safe use.


Zojirushi rice cooker (NS-WAC18-WD) is an automatic cooking hot pot that has a large cooking capacity and is very well built to last for many coming years. It is a durable and fancy looking product that has an all-white body made up of stainless steel and is good enough to be considered as the best medium-sized rice cooker coming at a reasonable price tag.