Best Cuckoo Rice Cooker Review

Best Cuckoo rice cooker review: The one you need in 2021

If you are a foodie who is stuck on take-outs due to the inability of cooking homemade meals then you must be looking for some magical pot to help you cut short on the outside food items. This is the most commonly encountered fact that most single residents and office workers are inclined towards taking their breakfast and other meals from the nearby shops due to lack of enough time or either because of lacking in cooking skills.

Well, it is a disturbing situation and a problem brought about by the fast-paced world where one cannot have enough time for feeding himself healthy and nutritious meals. But thanks to the technical acknowledgments and technological advancements, there are plenty of kitchenware items that tend to act as a magic porridge pot.

This cuckoo CR 035 is a similar rice cooker that has created much hype in the market and is a small capacity cooking pot that is ideal for the space and price constraints of small families. This item is the ideal choice for most single residents of apartments, studios, private dorms, and small households with few family members only.

Cuckoo Rice Cooker
  • Aluminum Body
  • Electric heating
  • Exquisite outlook
  • Non-stick inner
  • Turbo cooking feature
  • 1.6 quarts capacity


Cuckoo CR 035 tailored as an electric hot pot and can offer its users a diverse cooking experience with rice as the most common dish. This beautiful tiny rice cooker is most favored for cooking white rice and doesn’t take much time to get it served right on your dinner table.

Cuckoo rice cooker is coming in a tabletop design and can be placed over the dining table from where you can directly use it for cooking and serving into your dishes.


It is made for small households and families of few members ( 4 to 6 persons only). It is because the cooking space of this product is limited and it doesn’t support the large foodstuff to be cooked inside it. For keeping the small space up to quality and effective use, this rice cooker has a cooking capacity of 1.5 liters.

This 1.5 liters or 1.6 quarts capacity is sufficient enough to cook 3 cups of uncooked rice which will be made twice after cooking.

Therefore the cooked capacity of the instant electric cooker by Cuckoo is 6 cups and the uncooked is half of it that is 3 cups.


This is a simple rice cooker that is not a very versatile and multifunctional option as it is simply constructed for cooking white and brown rice. This model is a small yet effective tool that is perfect in its cooking skills of white rice. This Cuckoo rice cooker is the best in the class and this is supported by diverse customer reviews across the globe who are deeply satisfied by the performance of this cooker.

Turbo cooking feature

One of it’s amazing features is a turbo cooking mode which makes it faster than its actual performance. This is the fastest 3 cups rice cooker and when it is in turbo mode it can cook the rice within 10 to 12 minutes and even more depending upon the duration of soaked rice.

Reheating function

Cuckoo rice cooker (CR 035) doesn’t feature a keep warm mode (the only drawback of this cooker) and therefore users have to either eat the rice right at the moment or they have to reheat it again and again. This is not a big problem and will save your power expenses and utility bills. This is because instead of outing the cooker to standby mode for hours, you can simply press the reheat button and have your foodstuff warmed in few minutes.


Cuckoo CR 035 mini rice cooker is an immensely popular rice cooker that is the fanciest looking instant rice cooker. It has a nonstick interior with an aluminum exterior.

Its red and whitish color appeal is very well-acknowledged by the users who are more inclined towards fancy and visually appealing products. This exquisite outlook of the electric cooking pot goes smoothly with modern households and this makes it a very worthy choice to invest in.